Thursday, September 10, 2009

71 Tomatos

This picture shows me on July 31st picking my 1st tomato at around 6:30a.m. just before Don took me to the airport to head to California for the Leadership conference. Today I just finished watering my tomatoes and I picked my 71st one. Now some of you may not this this is very impressive, but I only have 2 tomato plants! We have really enjoyed eating them in our salads and on our sandwiches. I have made spaghetti sauce 3 times and frozen it for meals this coming winter.

Hope your garden is growing well this year.

stamping hugs,


  1. Your tomatoes are doing MUCH better than mine. Congrats! Isn't picking fresh produce from your garden the absolute best?

  2. That is so exciting that you reaped such a great harvest from two plants! In the past I have tried to grow some tomatoes but we have way too many trees and too much shade to be very successful. We did get blessed last week with some home grown tomatoes and have been enjoying them very much.