Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Monday, Don and I moved his 83 year old mother to a Retirement Home. This was a very hard decision for her ~ to let go of her home of the last 13 years, and the last place that she lived with dad. This was hard on Don and I since there are no siblings to help with the decisions, plans, and to convince her that this was the best. She had been fighting this move for the last couple of years, but with her declining health we couldn't leave her alone any longer. Now that she is moved in and has spent a full day there, she told us last night that she thinks it will be o.k. We appreciate all of the people at the home that have welcomed her, showed her around, taken her to dinner, and we feel at peace knowing that she is safe.

So, no artwork today, but now you know why.

stamping hugs,

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  1. What a tough decision, Joyce! I'm glad she seems to be adjusting and finding things to like. That will make it so much easier on her and on all of you as well.