Friday, December 11, 2009


Why do I love Close To My Heart? Because of the people!
Not too long ago I had a garage sale to clean out some "stuff" that Michelle had decided that she didn't need anymore now that she was married. This is the first garage sale that I have had in over 17 years, usually we just bring everything to the local Thrift store. On one table I placed some of my retired wood stamps that I had been hanging on to for a long time. A nice lady stopped by and kept looking at the stamps. Her daughter lived out of state, but loved to stamp. She couldn't decide which stamps to purchase so I offered her ALL of them. We packed them up in a box and I could tell how pleased that she was. The other day I received this beautiful card in the mail from the daughter, and not only the hand made card, but also her beautiful words made my day.

Thank you Jen for making my day and thank you CTMH for introducing me to the greatest people!

Make someones day special and mail them a card :)

stamping hugs,

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